Hi there. I'm Michael.

Communication and Leadership Coach

Hi there. I'm Michael.

Communication and Leadership Coach

Michael Piperno Leadership Coach

I help creative and life sciences professionals be better communicators and leaders. I also help teams improve internal communications so they can overcome any barriers that are in the way.

How Can I Help You?

Individual Coaching

Through one-on-one, private coaching, I help professionals get their ideas across clearly and effectively, collaborate on a deeper level with colleagues, and advance their careers through better leadership communication skills.

Team COaching

Communication problems can cause significant barriers for teams. I can diagnose the issues your team is experiencing, and help you solve them through coaching and training.


From overcoming your fear of public speaking to fine tuning your presentation skills, my experience and training in public speaking, performance, and theater will help you be more confident and engaging than ever.


Need a trainer who will get to know your software or product features fast and then provide highly effective one on one or group training that people will actually enjoy? I’m your guy. 

Executive Coaching

If you’re an agency owner or executive, I can provide solid advice for managing your business’s people and operations. I can also help you work through the things that keep you up at night.


My workshops cover a variety of business communication topics including presenting, listening, writing, and running effective meetings. They are always customized for your specific team’s training needs.

My story

I’m a communication expert who is also a teacher, trainer, and coach. There’s nothing that I like more than helping people improve their professional selves so they can communicate more clearly and effectively, build and maintain positive and healthy business relationships, present their ideas and concepts well, and lead with confidence

Let's Talk

All I need is 15-to-20 minutes of your time to discuss your challenges and goals to ensure I am a good fit to help.

No charge. No obligation. Let’s do this….

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