My in-person and virtual talks and workshops cover a variety of topics — all deeply rooted in leveraging the power of good communication. From keynote speeches to full- and half-day interactive workshops, my programs are always customized for your specific needs.

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Popular Topics

Here are just a few of my most popular speaking topics. I can also prepare talks specifically for your audience on topics such as personal branding, executive presence, leadership communication, public speaking, branding and marketing, and storytelling.

The Purposeful Personal Brand

This lively, interactive presentation will inspire you to think more about the often-untapped power behind your unique personal brand. I’ll also share the foundational elements of my Personal Brand Discovery Process, which will help you focus on your purpose and make sure you are able to clearly communicate it to yourself, and to others.

Who’s Telling Your Story?

In business, everyone has a story to tell. Are you letting someone else tell yours? Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, loud or quiet, passive or assertive, you can find a comfortable way to talk about yourself that showcases the right parts of you to the right people. This fun and poignant talk will inspire you to get control of your story and tell it with confidence.

Listening: Your Hidden Superpower

We all know that we need to listen well. Yet it’s a skill that is rarely taught, let alone practiced. During this talk I’ll challenge you to tap into the hidden power of active listening to help you be a better communicator at work, and at home.

The Look and Sound of Leadership Presence

Many people confuse personal branding with executive presence. There’s a big difference. Today’s leaders must be expert communicators and this talk uses funny stories and examples that show you what good (and bad) executive leadership presence looks and sounds like.

Creating and Delivering Powerful Presentations

From your slides to your script to your delivery, there are many parts to a powerful and compelling presentation. Unfortunately, 95% of the corporate world gets this balance completely wrong every day. This talk shows you how to make your presentations shine and how to deliver them masterfully.

Public Speaking When You Hate Public Speaking

Fear no more. Well, maybe not no more — but less! This talk looks at the one thing most people hate most and provides practical tips you can use to feel less anxious and nervous when the camera or eyeballs are on you.

How to Excel at Failing

I’m an entrepreneur and calculated risk-taker who is on his fourth career. In this talk I’ll share with you how I have used the power of purpose and failing fast to propel the career and businesses I’ve built (and inspire others to do the same).

Practice Makes Perfect Experts

Nobody is perfect. Neither is any speech, presentation, book, play, sporting event — you get my drift…. Practice, however, is key to mastery. In this talk, we’ll look at the power of both purpose and practice in achieving your goals. 

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