In Person vs. Remote

I was fortunate to meet, coach, and train leaders on two continents and in 3 countries last year.

Michael Piperno on a street in Toronto

Here I am during my last trip of 2023 — Toronto! What a great city.

I can’t tell you how much the in-person experience fuels me in my work.

Yes, remote programs are effective when done well. I like doing them. In fact, I can do more of them and make more money in a year doing so.
But I’ll always prioritize in-person programs.

When you invest in people by allowing them to benefit from the richness of being physically together, and spark the deepening of interpersonal relationships that come with that, they win. Big.

And so do you and so does your organization.

The positive and lasting effects may be intangible at first.

It’s a long game.

And you know the truth…. It’s worth it.

Relationships are everything in business. Cultivate them.

Want to have me visit your team and facilitate a program that will help strengthen relationships, communication, and leadership?

Let’s talk.

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