More Than Words

Email, Slack, Teams, text messages… we communicate with words a lot.

Words matter. They do. And so does body language, tone, and context.

Leadership isn’t only about the words we choose. It’s about listening actively, and understanding your team’s perspectives, concerns, and ideas. Making people feel that they, and the work they do, matters requires more than words that tell them so.

Use your entire toolkit when you can. Let people see your facial expression and body language. Give people the benefit of your tone of voice.

And get good at questioning (and coaching) based on what you hear. This simple act can help make what might seem like an uneventful interaction a catalyst for creativity or change.

People share more when they feel heard. People take more risks when they feel safe.

Listening and curiosity are leadership superpowers that can drive team performance every day.

And when you show up fully with more than words… you show people that you care, and that they matter.

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