Communication Tip: Yes, and…

Workshop and Team-building Fun!

Many of my clients and friends know that I wanted to be an actor when I grew up.

I actually did a lot of theatre in my younger days, and even have a bachelor’s degree (and teaching certification) in Speech & Theatre Arts.

One of my favorite principles from my training in improvisational theater, or improv for short, is “Yes, and…”

It means saying yes to what your scene partner offers, and then building on it. 

I actually teach improv to clients to this day — in fact I do a whole workshop on it! Why?

Getting good at it helps leaders:

  • Think on their feet and respond to unexpected challenges
  • Build trust and rapport with team members and other stakeholders
  • Listen actively and respond thoughtfully
  • Be open to new ideas and unexpected twists
  • Communicate more effectively in both formal and informal settings
  • Be more creative and innovative in problem-solving

It’s a fun program that is both educational and team building in nature. No prior experience with improvisation is necessary. And participants should come ready to step outside of their comfort zones — and have fun!

Want to offer a program like this to people on your team? Let’s talk.

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