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Be Sure You Say It

How many times have you thought about thanking someone for helping you on a project, or complimenting one of your team members on how well they handled something? Each time, did you do it? 

If you’re like most busy professionals, you didn’t. It slipped your mind. Or maybe when you had the opportunity to do so it felt like the right moment had passed. 

And when you have high-performing team members who are at the top of their games, it’s even easier to assume they don’t need extrinsic feedback. But they do. 

Everyone does. 

Almost every pivotal moment in my career has been influenced by someone else who believed in me, and who helped me see my strengths more clearly. Of course, I do a lot of work within my own head to work things out as I move along my own personal journey while blazing my unique path forward. But the kindness I’ve received from others through encouraging words, as well as constructive criticism, has shaped me in many ways. I am grateful to those who took the time to pause and tell me. 

Who can you build up today by telling them something they need to hear? Be sure to take a moment and say it.


2 thoughts on “Be Sure You Say It”

  1. I have a colleague that consistently acknowledges anything he notices that anyone does well, and is always talking about people’s strengths. It’s not artificial, it’s not forced – he’s just developed the habit of looking for and voicing what he appreciates about everyone.

    It’s actually quite amazing how endearing it can be when authentic. And it naturally positions him in a place of leadership – not from his job title, but in the true sense of the word. It inspires those around him to live up to the vision he has of them.

    What a gift to be able to give, and it doesn’t cost the giver a thing.

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